Welcome to the Site of CreArk Engineering.

Located in The Netherlands, CreArk is specialized in designing and manufacturing automated control systems, installation of electrical distribution of low (3-phase 400VAC) voltage systems, and more . While we are very flexible to support any niche of the market, our main specialty is a small business- and consumer market.


Our scope of work covers variety of electrical-  and control engineering disciplines:



Reliable and safe electrical distribution is the heart of any manufacturing process. We are providing service of low (3-phase 400 VAC) voltage distribution for the industrial and private applications.


Infrared scanning of the electrical equipment is proven to be the most effective tool in proactive detection of overloads, defective components and damaged switchgear. Because increased heating is a sign of failure, infrared is the best diagnostic tool available for finding these hot connections in the early stages of degeneration.


Unique system of the Access Control, which supports security systems of the company and controls access to the production machinery. It ensures that only approved personnel may use the the machinery, which improves safety and sustainability of the equipment as well as controls financial and administrative aspect of use of the equipment.


Dutch employer carries legal responsibility for the safety of your employees and clients. This requires every company to be proactive in preventing risks such as fires, electrical hazards and other forms of damage and injury. This is why all companies must regularly inspect their electrotechnical equipment and systems.


Our preferred PLC brand is Allen Bradley, however we have significant experience with other brands including Mitsubishi, Pilz, Unitronics, Keyence, and others.



Photo (c) Liubov Movlianova

CreArk is a multidisciplinary creative company based in the hearth of The Netherlands.

The owner of CreArk Arkady Mitnik is a multitasking electrical and control engineer with significant project management experience. Being an expert of power distribution,  automation and PLC/HMI programming, he is specialized in designing and producing automated control systems. 

With today high demand for flexibility and speed, CreArk progresses from an initial discussion of the application to system pre-design work within just a few days.




We are certified by the official Dutch INSTALLq authority for being recognized (“erkend” in Dutch) as an electrical installation and inspection Company.
According to the INSTALLq, professional recognition proves that electrical assignments are implemented safely, professionally and with up-to-date knowledge of electrical systems. Therefore, every client can rely on this. Furthermore, professional recognition plays an especially important role for the installer or the company whose customer is the consumer and the small business market.

Furthermore, we we certified for the compliance with the Dutch NEN-3140 and NEN-1010 Standards, as well as for the Safety for Operational Supervisors (VCA).


INSTALLq Certificate of recognized Electrical Inspection Company.

INSTALLq Certificate of recognized Electrical Installation Company.
Certificate of completion Dutch NEN-1010 Training

Certificate of the Senior Member of IIE

Certification of completion the VCA Safety Training for Supervisors


CreArk was founded by Arkady Mitnik in 2019. Born in the former Soviet Union, in 1977 Arkady graduated as a Technician-Technologist from the Technical School of Radioelectronics in Kiev. Subsequently, in 1988, he earned an M.Sc. in Electromechanical Engineering from the Agricultural Academy of Ukraine, also in Kiev.

In the early 1990s, Arkady relocated to Israel, where he became part of the multinational Intel Corporation, initially as an Electrical Technician. Over time, he progressed to the roles of Project Manager for Industrial Projects and later served as an Electrical and Controls Engineer.

In 1995, he was offered the position of Chief Engineer at Preventive Medicine B.V., a mid-sized Food Supplements company based in the Netherlands. In 2000, Arkady rejoined Intel, taking on roles as Lead Engineer and eventually serving as the Global Logistics Organization Engineering Manager.

Apart from his passion for technical disciplines, Arkady finds joy in photography and writing articles about music events in various countries. His interests extend to traveling, cycling, skiing, and engaging in fitness activities.