CreArk was incorporated by Arkady Mitnik at 2019. Born in the former Soviet Union, at 1977 Arkady was graduated as a Technician-technologist from the Technical School of Radioelectronics (Kiev), and at 1988- as  M Sc Electromechanical Engineer at the Agricultural Academy of Ukraine (Kiev).

At the beginning of 1990 Arkady moved to Israel, where he joined the multinational Intel Corporation as an Electrical Technician, then – Project Manager of Industrial projects, and later – Electrical and Controls Engineer.

At 1995 he was offered a position of Chief Engineer in a mid-sized Food Supplements company Preventive Medicine B.V.(The Netherlands), and at 2000 he re-joined Intel as a Lead Engineer and then – Global Logistics Organization Engineering Manager.

Beside being “in love” with technical disciplines, Arkady enjoys taking photos and writing articles about music events in different countries. He likes  travelling, cycling, skiing, and fitness activities.